Press Release: Local Entrepreneur Exits Tech Sector to Get Saucedelic


Local Entrepreneur Exits Tech Sector to Get Saucedelic

Carlsbad, CA – November 19, 2012 – “It’s exactly what I’m looking for in a pepper sauce!” That’s the kind of feedback that confirms North County resident Tim Paulman’s decision to launch a non-traditional, whole-food, smoked pepper sauce business.

For years, Paulman experimented in the kitchen, creating sauces for friends and family, many of whom encouraged him to go big. But with a young family to support and a thriving career in mobile technology, the time never seemed right to jump-start a new business venture.

After a decade of feeling disconnected from his Appalachian farming roots, he decided to make the plunge in July of this year and Paulman Acre’s Smoked Pepper Sauces were born. “Somewhere along the way, I lost touch with the art of food production and I ended up writing computer code all day. But I never truly felt fulfilled unless I was tending to the peppers in the garden or brewing unique sauces in the kitchen.”

At a recent Vista Farmer’s Market, satisfied customers wandered away marveling at the flavor fusion of smoked habaneros, savory vegetables and fruity sweetness. “I’ve been growing, blending and cooking peppers for years in my own kitchen, but the idea of creating and distributing these great flavors came in bits and pieces. Moving forward, our priorities as a company include sustainably sourcing our materials, supporting local farmers, and introducing seasonal flavors to our product line.”

Paulman markets his products as “Saucedelic”, with a nod toward the So-Cal beat. “This is not your traditional vinegar and water-based hot sauce,” he testifies. Rather, they are full-bodied brews with a surprising combination of ingredients like sweet potatoes, beets and coconut milk. The alchemy produces such flavors as Strawbanero Lightning, Piñalava Sunshine and Mangomojo Daydream.

Paulman Acre’s fan base, lovingly referred to as “Paulmaniacs”, have been relentless in their support of the venture. “They put it on everything: chips, soup, meat, eggs, veggies, sandwiches. Everyone appreciates the delicate balance of the smokey, savory sweet-heat.”

Evidently, his fans agree and have made the Paulman Acre Kickstarter campaign, which runs through the end of the month, a smashing success. “We reached our initial goal of $10,000 in just five days, which was a huge vote of confidence. For me, it’s not just about making a great sauce, it’s about building a community of enthusiasts, growers and small-batch food enthusiasts.”

Find Paulman and his sauces at North County farmer’s markets or learn more at

Rev Tim Paulman
PO Box 2581
Carlsbad, CA
Ph: (315)-256-8542

Photos and product samples available upon request


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  1. I can’t wait to receive our first shipment to the Outland of Minnesota. Now that winter’s begun, we could use a little ray of peppery sunshine. Thanks Tim!

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