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Rev Tim Paulman

Co-Founder & Director of Sauceology at Paulman Acre

The Mysterious Voyage of

Reverend Tim

From Digital Day Job to Acreage

At Paulman Acre, we believe in following your bliss. Out of the beauty of Appalachia, Reverend Tim’s mysterious origins in hot sauce began with hard work, self-reliance, and just a pinch of dumb luck. Education and experience carried him through 20 years in the tech industry, but pure passion put him in his garden and paved the way for his culinary creations.

Brewing beer was a beloved pastime, but as living space shrank, hot sauce became the perfect replacement for hops. What began with a simple gift of a unique mango hot sauce, blossomed into a handcrafted and meticulously honed secret recipe. As 5-gallon batches began selling out among family and friends, Tim introduced Paulman Acre as his new bliss. Now he encourages you to find yours.

“Anything worth doing is worth doing right.”

Charles C Paulman Jr